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Maximize system availability

Our highly skilled support team
is ready to help you
24/7, 365 days a year

 In addition to securing operations of your equipment

Our specialists give a helping hand, for instance by helping with faults on your systems, installing racks and cabling your equipment. Our Remotehands Services help to maximize system availability and reduce costs because your company no longer has to send its own employees to the remote data centers.

01 Basic FLS

● Board swap/Card installation
● Cable connecting/ Physical Cross connect
● CD change
● Customer tours meetings
● Delivery/ packaging/ transportation of equipment
● Installation (cabling/ circuit installation/rack installation)
● Installation of equipment
● Loop request
● On site Engineer assistant
● Reboot
● Remote hands
● Tape change

01 Basic FLS

02 Advanced FLS

● Fault finding
● Installation/ Configuration/ Commissioning
● Equipment troubleshooting
● Local Loop Turn up test
● Logical Layer Fault Isolation
● Reporting
● Router configuration
● Service configuration (Linux/Windows/Unix)
● Transmission Equipment Configuration
● 24/7 NOC services
● Testing circuits and end to end links

03 Site Survey

● Infrastructure drawings
● Records
● Providing documentation
● Power check
● Grounding check
● Visual check

03 Site Survey


● Consultancy services, (data centers power, cooling, set up, network architecture etc.)
● Managed services (Ping request/IP monitoring/Application installation/Network check/Security/check file restore/Firewall rule change etc.).

Take Control of Your Equipment With Ease,
with no stress, no problems, no delays, anywhere in the world!

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